Jack’s Team Riders Doing Well Today Down At Lowers

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 29th, 2009

So far today the Jack’s Surf Team is doing well down at the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro. Both Tanner Gudauskas and Eric Geiselman have won their round 2 (round of 96) heats. Coming up in heat 14 Jack’s Team riders Pat Gudauskas and Evan Geiselman will have to compete against each other. A strong finish at the Lowers Pro will help add on some critical WCT qualifying points to Pats campaign as he tries to qualify for next years tour. Also in heat 18, Jack’s Surf Team rider Bruno Rodriguez will be the lone Brazilian as he will have to battle Bret Simpson, Austin Ware, and Jason Miller.

Evan Geiselman talks boards

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 27th, 2009

If pick up the latest issue of Surfing magazine you’ll see Jack’s team rider Evan Geiselman talking about his boards which are shaped by his dad, Greg Geiselmen. Evan works with his father finding the perfect shapes for him to tear up the waves and continue to progress his surfing. He must be psyched to have his own personal shaper to tweak every little thing on his boards, keeping him ripping and moving up the ranks as one of the best surfers out there.

6.0 Lowers Pro

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 27th, 2009

Another contest is on the horizon for the Jack’s Surfboards team riders. The 6.0 Lowers Pro was upgraded to a 6 star event and has now drawn in many of the worlds elite surfers to compete for the $145,000 prize purse. Our guys are stoked to get out there and compete and you know we’re going to be watching our guys kill it in the water. Pat Gudauskas and Evan Geiselman are just two Jack’s team that will be in the water for sure and competing in the first 6 star event on the mainland ever. Be sure to check back for updates on how our guys are doing.

Surf’s up…..

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 24th, 2009

After a mediocre at best winter, the past couple of weeks we’ve seen some decent surf down here in Southern California. Here in Huntington Beach today’s surf is up and we’re seeing shoulder to head high waves pounding the pier. Some standout sets are coming through over head and getting us stoked for a promising surf weekend. We’ll be out in the water all weekend enjoying the good swell, as long as the wind stays down. See you in the line up!

Got Twitter?

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 22nd, 2009

Ever find yourself wondering what was going on at Jack’s Surfboards at any given moment? Curious if we’re attending the Billabong XXL awards and if we update all the winners? Need info about a sale or one of our contests? Well now you can follow all the happenings here at Jack’s on our Twitter page. Just go to http://twitter.com/jackssurfboards and follow us. You’ll get all the info and even some special stuff that’s only offered to our followers.

Cause this is always funny

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 20th, 2009

This guy always makes us laugh. Since it’s in Huntington Beach we figured that we should get this up here so everyone could appreciate it Get ready to get pitted…..SO PITTED!

We’ll do it live!

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on April 20th, 2009

After months of development we’ve gotten the new site launched and ready to help you find everything you need from all the top brands. It wasn’t easy and took a lot of work to get together but we’re stoked that it’s finally finished up. It’s awesome to have this all wrapped up before the summer and can’t wait to get things rolling. So poke around, see what’s new and we’ll keep updating the blog with new information when we get it. You’ll be able to read about what’s going on with our team, site promotions, contests, in-store promo’s or just what we think of what’s going on in the Surf Industry. Stay tuned…..