Arnette Pro Junior presented by Jack’s starts tomorrow

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on June 5th, 2009

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Arnette Pro Junior which is presented by us at Jack’s. The competition kicks off tomorrow morning down in Newport Beach at 54th-56th streets. You can check it out from your couch on their site, or you can high tail it to Newport. We’ll be down there soaking in some sunshine and then getting psyched to paddle out for an afternoon surf after watching the juniors kill it. Looks like a nice swell is scheduled to start hitting today and then throughout the weekend. We’ve already seen some surf alerts hit our email so hopefully the swell pans out and there is great surf for these guys to compete in. Come down and check it out with us!

We’ve got the contest T-shirt up and ready for purchase as well. Click on the shirt below and pick one up!

Check out my new kicks

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on June 5th, 2009

Some brands are thinking function when it comes to shoes — especially with skate shoes — and some are thinking fashion. Once in a while, a brand like Supra comes along and mixes both, and there’s no better example of this ingenious blend than their new TK Society Shoes. Take a look at these guys, you can skate all day in them and then head out to the trendiest clubs and parties. Supra did a great job of making these super comfortable, and with the velcro straps, it’s easy on, easy off. Get ‘em while they’re hot because we’ve only got a limited amount of them.

2009 Pier Classic Jack’s Co-lab shoe

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on June 4th, 2009

While poking around the warehouse today we discovered that we’ve still got some of the Van’s/Jack’s Pier Classic 106 Vulc shoes here and in stock. We’ve made sure that they were in inventory and ready for sale. If you haven’t seen them before, they are an exclusive orange and blue colorway and they’ve got the 2009 Pier Classic logo inside. Jack’s is the only place to find these shoes from Van’s so definitely grab some if your interested. Even if you’re not planning to wear them, it’s worth picking up a piece of surf history!