Become a Part of the Surfing Walk of Fame!

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on July 2nd, 2009 by jackssurfboards

walkoffamebanner3Thirteen years ago, Mike Abdelmuti (the patriarch of the Jack’s Surfboards family) helped Don MacCallister and a group of 5 others form the Surfing Walk of Fame, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and legitimizing a set of standards for which the best and brightest in the Surf industry could be voted #1 by.

Over 200 ballots are sent out each year to the industry as a whole, giving them the opportunity to cast their vote in categories like:

Surf Pioneer
Surf Champion
Woman of the Year
Surf Culture
Local Hero

And also to place one important individual into the Surfing Walk of Fame’s “Honor Roll.”

Now you can become a member by going to the membership page of the Surfing Walk of Fame website:

Membership includes perks like a 10% discount at Jack’s surfboards, a t-shirt, a pin, special member updates, and much much more! Check out the rest of their homepage for more details, and become an active member and supporter of Huntington Beach’s amazing surf industry and all the great folks that bring it to you!

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