Sizing It Up.. Choosing the Right Board from the Start.

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on March 10th, 2013



So you want to start surfing, huh? And you don’t know what sizes, or type of board to buy, do you? Well, there are a few eye opening realities that you should learn before you go and blow your paycheck.

Shorter isn’t better.
I know you want to go out there and slash it like Slater, but you have to walk before you can run. Those short little rockets the pros are throwing around are not good tools to help build your skills. A shorter board, in the beginning, will be hard to balance on, and even harder to paddle out. You’re not going to do much learning if your arms get too tired to even get you out into the water. So, when choosing, try to look past the little guys, and start looking up, at boards taller than yourself.

Fish are Friends.
Ya, the fish boards look a little heftier than a shortboard, but don’t let them fool you. You can definitely shred a fish. The whole idea behind the fish is stability. The added width and thickness help to keep you afloat, and riding. Fish boards also catch waves easier, and are easier to paddle. This is because of the smaller amount of rocker on the underside of the board, which allows for more speed on smaller waves. And a great benefit to a fish is that they ride extremely well in mushy, smaller waves. This means that even when there is little swell, you can still get out there and get some. This is when the learning will take place, and that is the goal.

Slow, Wide, Turns – Longboards
Though it is definitely easier to learn than a short board, a longboard might fight you once you get popping up and riding in the bag. Longboards are made for larger waves, and larger riders, but can be ridden in smaller waves as well. You’ll need this extra weight and experience when trying to turn this classic board. One really nice perk of the longboard, though, is its paddling ease. The longboards touch more of the surface of the water, and give you more momentum, and tend to stay straighter during your paddle.  This means you’ll be catching more waves, more often, and that, my friend, is called experience. Chilling out and cruising a longboard would not be a bad first option, seeing as you’ll be falling in the water a lot anyways.

Hybrids, the Cyborg of Boards
In surfing, a hybrid can really apply to any 2 types of boards mixed into one. Yet, when hearing the term hybrid, most of the time, the source is referencing a combination of a fish board, and a shortboard. These boards give you the added stability of the fish, while keeping the maneuverability of shortboards. Another board type that you could consider is the Funboard, which is more of a longboard, fish style mixture. Because these boards have a wide range of styles, you can’t really say how they are going to ride. I would start with the basic board types before jumping on any of these.

Try it, before you buy it.
The only true way to know what type of board will be best for you is to get out into the water with one. Many board shops near the beach will offer rental boards for you to try, for around 15 dollars per hour. This will allow you to switch out and get an idea of how each style feels. Hell, from your feedback, they may even be able to refer you to the perfect board. So get out there and have fun!

Who will Boast at the Gold Coast? The ASP World Tour begins…

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on March 1st, 2013

aspThe time of year has come again. The air is getting warmer; the plants are filling out; and yes, the ASP World Tour is about to be underway. As die-hard surfers, and hodads alike, make their way to Queensland, Australia, to see the best surfers known, one question is on everyone’s mind. Who is going to take the Gold Coast this year in the Quicksilver Pro?

The man most have their eyes on is veteran surfer, Taj Burrow. This Aussie native slashed, snapped, and carved his way to the top of the podium last year, but not easily. Right on TB’s fin was the young, but seasoned, Adriano de Souza, with his quick turns and stylish aerials. This Brazilian ripped his way through round after round of great natives, such as Josh Kerr and Owen Wright, making his way all the way to finals, only to be defeated by Burrow. But this loss was nothing new to Souza.

This most recent placement may have been nothing but salt on the wound for Souza, previously knowing what it is like to be bumped down by the Australian OG. In the last three years, Tb has consistently managed to knock Adriano off the bracket, and onto the beach. Taj was the better of the match in the quarterfinals in 2010, the fifth round in 2011, and for the number one spot in 2012. Also, two out of the last three years, the Gold Coast was ran by Taj, with the exception of 2011, when, the Legend himself, Kelly Slater, charged into first. Now put yourself in his shoes; being beaten by the same person, THREE YEARS IN A ROW! Wouldn’t you want a bit of revenge?

Obviously, we cannot exclude some of the other great surfers in the line up. Every rider in the Association of Surfing Professionals has a chance to win, in every event, in any country’s waters. One man, or kid, to watch is the up and coming John John Florence. Taking sporadic wins here and there within all leagues of the ASP, this youth has what it takes to air his way to the podium. With his new, fast, aggressive style of surfing, John John’s ambition may prove itself on the Gold Coast. And lets not forget the other top dingos in the game, such as Mick Fanning,

Julian Wilson, and Joel Parkinson. Let’s be certain that all of these keg pumpers are all drooling to take the first bite of the season’s events, and will not be easily tamed.

With Adriano de Souza’s surfing being somewhat like Scar to Taj Burrow’s Mufasa, some wonder if he will fall to the stereotype of other Brazilian surfers, and let his aggression push the Aussies out of the way. Or will Souza remain the calm and collected professional that he truly deserves to be seen as? Either way, one great fact remains. The ASP World Tour is closing in, and another great season has begun. Go catch your barrel.