GoPro Contest Entries Update 11/17

Posted in Jack's Surfboards on November 17th, 2010

Entries have been coming in for the GoPro video clip contest. Here are a few of the entries that we have received in. Remember there is still plenty of time to score some footy for you to send in. So far it looks like most of the entries have been on the surf side, with everything from an artsy super 8 shots all the way to a helmet cam in the tube. Also if you want to get the best first person angles make sure to grab yourself a 1080p HD GoPro Hero camera! Keep those clips coming in and enter by sending your videos to

Ted Hayes sent in this entry of him doing some wake surfing up in Washington. If only all waves would last this long.

Here is an from TheWolsk using the GoPro helmet cam in the tube. This video gives a great first person perspective of being in the tube. He also mounted the GoPro Camera in the back of the board giving another perspective of the barrel.

Sean Stead and his 2 boys sent in some clips of themselves out enjoying the waves. In this video it looks like they mounted their GoPro facing forward so that you can see what it is like to ride a wave.